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Walt Whitman: Songs of Myself


Taylor Swift, Ryan Adams: 1989

Ryan Adam's cover of Taylor Swift's 1989

So so luckily, the release of Taylor Swift's album 1989, happened to coincide with my final semester, and the last stretch of my time at uni. It quickly became the soundtrack to every 8 hour day in the library, every paragraph of dissertation, and every quote or note written out from my final semester book list.  For this, and the emotional supportive work it contributed to that time, it will forever be a very loved album.

Dissertation Destress | Increase Productivity

5 Tips To Increase Productivity | Dissertation

Completing my dissertation is one of my greatest achievements.  I completed my dissertation in my final semester of my final year at Liverpool University, and handed it in on the 19th May 2015 12.45pm. And there is not a chance that I would have been prepared for completing it at any earlier point in my life. It was the hardest challenge of my academic life, but without a doubt, the most rewarding and enjoyable. I learnt so much from the experience.

Here are 5 things I learnt:


Alice in Wonderland

My favorite ever quote from Alice in Wonderland...

Paper Towns by John Green

Paper Towns

Paper Towns surprised me. On the surface it is about a boy: Quentin Jacobsen, who is besotted with a girl: Margo Roth Spiegelman, and when she goes missing, Quentin goes on an expedition to find said girl. However, there is so much more to Paper Towns.

Margo is an idea, a brand, to Quentin, and to so many others.

Kaleidoscope Peonies: The Inspiration behind my Blog Name

Kaleidoscope Peonies


Lush Haul

Lush is one of my obsessions. I find their bath products such a relaxing treat, so whenever I can get my hands on more, I do. Here are some things I recently picked up.

I think I've tried (& loved) pretty much every bath bomb that Lush has to offer. So to mix things up a bit, I steered away from most of my sturdy favourites, (Twilight, Blackberry, Dragon's Egg) and decided to try some bath bombs (and a body butter), that were new to me. I went with Avobath, Phoenix Rising, Honeybee, Butterball (actually an old favourite), and a body butter- King of Skin.

10 Skincare Essentials

10 Skincare Essentials

Once I find a skincare routine, and products, that work well for me, I don't tend to experiment too much. This is mainly due to having very sensitive skin. Therefore, I have tried and tested most of these products for years, and can safely say that I think they are all great. These are the products that I take with me on any trips, and cause me to go into panic mode meltdown if I'm ever without them.

Literature: Beautiful Books

In a digital age where almost everything seems to be online, and efficiency and speed are in high demand, it is sometimes easy to overlook the benefits of buying the physical copy of a book. Why do this when you can download and have it ready to read at the click of a button? (I'm looking at you, Kindle and iPad). I think books are beautiful objects. And sometimes, the exterior of a book can be almost as beautiful as the art within. Here are four books from my collection that I think are aesthetically wonderful. 

The Body Shop: My Favourite Face Masks

The Body Shop | Face Mask Collection

I love love love The Body Shop skincare. In general, the Seaweed and Aloe Vera range work really well with my skin, which is sensitive and combination. But when I want to use a face mask (which is one of my favourite aspects of skin care) I ALWAYS reach for one these.

Holiday Reads: The Miniaturist and Wide Sargasso Sea

I have just got back from a week in gorgeous and sunny Majorca, where I devoured two great books: The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton and Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys.

The Miniaturist 

It's been a long time since I've come across a book like The Miniaturist; a book that you can't put down and that you can't wait to pick back up again.

A Few Of My Favourite Things| Bedroom Decor

A Few of my Favourite Things: 

Below are eight decor-related things that I love. Whether for sentimental value, comfort, usefulness or  prettiness- they all resonate with home for me. 

Hanging Star

Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford

Enchanted Forest 

Johanna Basford has created a beautiful colouring book which is aimed not at children, but at adults.

  Enchanted Forest is the second of her design, following her first popular colouring book, Secret Garden. Her gorgeous forest designs are full of charm, character and detail. I used Staedtler colouring pencils in the pictures below, which worked well, but really anything will do. 

Her book is bursting with pretty designs, hidden gems and clever ideas. 

H.G Wells 'The Invisible Man'

I stumbled across this book by accident. Misreading my reading list for the semester, I ordered H.G Wells' version of The Invisible Man, in the place of Ralph Ellison's. A mishap I was surprisingly glad about.