Mini Beauty & Stationary Haul | London

 Mini Beauty & Stationary Haul- London Edit

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 Whilst I was in London for the Chelsea Flower Show last week (see that post here), I picked up a few cute beauty & stationary bits. 

The Rosie Project: Review

The Rosie Project

I came across this book through a recommendation.

My first impression was that, to be completely honest, it appeared to be a very predictable novel. A quote on the front cover helped to formulate that view: ‘A novel about how you don’t find love, it finds you.’ I wasn’t sold. 
But I decided to give it a go anyway, and I’m so happy that I did.

Spring Shades Nailed

Numbered Clockwise

Spring Shades 

A Backpacker's Make-up Bag | Travel Essentials

A Backpacker's Makeup Bag

While I was travelling I quickly discovered what would work for me and what wouldn't. Let's face it, South East Asia is HUMID. Extremely humid. I needed products that were light, light, light, but improved my bedraggled appearance. A hard task- but the following products worked their wonders. Here's how...

One Line A Day: Five Year Memory Book

Five Year Memory Book | Daily Journal


I recently got this very pretty little book. 

Other than looking extremely cute, it serves another purpose: It allows you to track and compare what you've done on a certain day for five consecutive years.

Listening to Literature: Audible

Listen to Literature | My obsession with Audible 

I have become addicted to audio books: Audible is probably my favourite app on my phone, after Instagram obvs. It is such a convenient way to read a book, with all the effort taken away, you even get to choose your narrator (Stephen Fry wherever possible).

The app is also so straightforward to use- you just download you're favourite titles through your Amazon account and listen wherever and whenever. Easy.

Stories from Laos: Travel Day

Wednesday 10th Feb- Thursday 11th Feb 2016

Travelling from Vang Vieng to Don Det

We woke up, packed and headed to a bakery for breakfast. We then got some dollars out at the bank, ready for Cambodia in a few days time after our visit to Don Det (well done us for top organisation). After collecting our bags from the hostel and checking out, we headed to the travel agents to catch a mini bus to the main bus station in Vang Vieng. 

Laos: February 4th- February 13th 2016

A few snaps from my time in Laos

Don Det

Don Det