About Me

                                          Hi, I'm Katie. 


I'm an English graduate-

I adored my course because it let me engage with literature, be creative and express my own thoughts and ideas. I did my dissertation on treatments of external settings and internal consciousness in modernist and Gothic works. They were my favourite areas of literature to study.

I went to University in Liverpool-

Liverpool's my favourite city to live in (I'm bias because it's the only city I've lived in). I grew up on a farm in Northumberland. Northumberland is beautiful.

I've just got back from travelling in South East Asia, Indonesia and Australia-

 I was away for two and a half months, and it was the best two and a half months of my life. My favourite places were Chaing Mai in Thailand, Gili Trawangan in Bali, Byron Bay in Australia, and Singapore. See more of my travels here.

What's next? 

I'm so excited to start my masters in Marketing at the University of Liverpool in September. Find out why I'm interested in Marketing here. 

My faves- 

I love yoga, running and reading. I also love the company of Friends (the TV programme) more than most people. My favourite author is Virginia Woolf- here are 30 of my favourite VW quotes. 

Kaleidoscope Peonies-

 Broadly, topics on Kaleidoscope Peonies cover- LiteratureLifestyleTravelBeauty and Book Reviews.

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